Guide to Selling Your Home

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We’ve included a preliminary guide of what to consider when you are preparing to sell your home. This is in no way a comprehensive list, but it will get you started.

Exterior Items

An appealing exterior is essential to bringing prospective buyers to your doorstep. Some keys to improving your home’s curb appeal are:
  • Keeping the lawn trimmed and fertilized.
  • Kill mold and mildew on the house, sidewalks, roof, or driveway.
  • Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed.
  • Weed flower beds.
  • Pressure wash dirty siding and dingy decks.
  • Remove all oil stains from driveway.
  • Clean, align and straighten drooping gutters.
  • Replace worn or warped shingles.
  • Buyers doing a drive by will try their best to see your back yard. If it’s visible from another street or from someone’s driveway, include it in your curb appeal efforts.
  • String low voltage lighting along your driveway, sidewalks, and near important landscaping elements.
  • Add a decorative street lamp or an attractive light fixture to a front porch.


Start with a comprehensive spring cleaning. Sort out and remove items no longer needed.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all floors, especially if you have pets.
  • Sweep garage and basement floors.
  • Wash windows inside and out.
  • Clean and organize closets and cabinets.
  • Keep kitchen appliances clean.
  • Wipe down all walls and woodwork.
  • Tile, grout, and shower doors and curtains should be free of soap film.
  • Clear off countertops to make the kitchen look spacious and neat.
  • Remove all old newspapers and magazines.


For the best offer possible, try these simple decorating tips:
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color.
  • Re-stain or paint chipped woodwork.
  • Replace or repair torn or soiled wallpaper, carpeting, or draperies (neutral colors).
  • Fresh flowers make your home more attractive.
  • Make sure lighting that’s visible through front doors and windows enhances the home’s appearance.
  • Align your window treatments to allow the most light into each room.
  • A new shower curtain can perk up a bathroom.
  • Remove all ‘clutter’ from the floor, shelves and tables.


Even minor defects suggest neglect to a buyer. These defects, if repaired, reassure potential buyers as to the overall good condition of the home.
  • Check all windows and doors to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Check and repair all leaky faucets & toilets.
  • Make sure all closet and cabinet doors close properly.
  • Visually inspect central heating, air conditioning, and water heater. Make necessary repairs, if needed.
  • Check doorbell.
  • Badly scratched hardwood floor should be polished or refinished.
  • Replace light bulbs and clean fixtures.
  • Lubricate squeaky doors.

Showing Preparation

First impressions are important. Pretend you’re a potential buyer looking at your home for the first time. Look for the things that might set off a warning signal.
  • Put out a new doormat.
  • Remove all clutter and children’s toys from walkways.
  • Make beds.
  • Put a fresh tablecloth on the dining room table.
  • Use soft lighting to create a welcome atmosphere.
  • Turn on soft music; turn off the television.
  • Remove all signs of a pet.
  • Avoid unpleasant cooking odors.
  • Place private papers and jewelry out of sight.
  • Have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven!